Monday, June 25, 2012 - 11:00 to 12:00
Hosting Jurisdiction: 

At least THREE states, New Mexico, New Hampshire, and Hawaii, currently use DRUPAL for their website and reporting system and four states (Alaska, Utah, Virgin Islands and Missouri) would like to get systems rolled out in time for their new awards this fall.

We will conduct an on-line, screen-sharing demonstration of the New Mexico and Hawaii sites on June 25 at 9a Hawaii time (3p Eastern). At this meeting the states will demonstrate how each of their websites work, how they approach NSF data requirements, and challenges they are trying to address. The outcome of this meeting would be for each jurisdiction to gain enough understanding of DRUPAL and its capabilities to begin pulling their teams together and laying out what a DRUPAL deployment would look like for their jurisdiction.

There would then be a couple of weeks for people to correspond and discuss ideas before a group meeting to be held in Albuquerque NM on July 26-27. We expect that each jurisdiction would bring the appropriate technical and administrative people to lead this collaboration. The purpose of the face-to-face meeting would be:
1. Build relationships between the jurisdictions, especially for the technical staff who may be designing and programming together on shared projects.
2. Establish priorities for the group especially with respect to deployment of sites in new states.
3. Discuss what modules work best for particular reporting needs (i.e. events, participants, publications, etc.). Can we decide on what to use collectively?
4. Create working groups. Start small and work up to larger more complex jobs.