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Demo: ER Core Collaborations and Field Collection

A discussion with Douglas Tschetter on the ER Core Collaborations content type and the Field Collection Drupal Module.

Demo: ER Core Collaboartions and Field Collection from EPSCoR Reporting Core on Vimeo.

Webinar: ER Core Overview

What EPSCoR Jurisdictions need to use the ER Core Drupal module

ER Core Overview Webinar from EPSCoR Reporting Core on Vimeo.

Topics to cover:

Webinar: ER Core Reporting Templates

An overview of what ER Core fields populate Templates B, C, D, and E.

EPSCoR Reporting Overview from EPSCoR Reporting Core on Vimeo.

ER Core Version 3.2

Version 3.2 of the ER Core module has been released.

3.2 includes:

  • Removal of ER Encryption and Rules
  • User dashboard
  • Admin Views:
  • Data Integrity Check
  • Incomplete Profile for Students/Faculty

Download here

NSF Public Access Repository (NSF-PAR) Requirements and EPSCoR Publications

The National Science Foundation (NSF or Foundation) has developed a plan outlining a framework for activities to increase public access to scientific publications and digital scientific data resulting from research the foundation funds. The plan, entitled “Today’s Data, Tomorrow’s Discoveries,” is consistent with the objectives set forth in the Office of Science and Technology Policy's Feb. 22, 2013, memorandum, "Increasing Access to the Results of Federally Funded Research," and with long-standing policies encouraging data sharing and communication of research results.

Masquerade Module

The Masquerade module allows site administrators (or anyone with enough permissions) to switch users and surf the site as that user (no password required). That person can switch back to their own user account at any time.

This is helpful for site developers when trying to determine what a client, logged in as themselves, might see when logged into the site.

NM EPSCoR discovered this module after launching their live reporting reporting site in June of 2013. The module has proven to be invaluable in testing what various roles can see when they are logged in.

How Broadening Participation is Counted

If a participant selects that they are part of the RII Management Team in addition to the Most Senior Project Role (Faculty, Technical, Non-Technical, Post Doc, Graduate, Undergraduate) the system will only count them in the RII Leadership row of Template B. If you unselect RII Management Team, they will then be counted in the Most Senior Project Role row they selected.

This was from Isis Serna in New Mexico

User "Nag Box" to remind users to complete their profile

This is a New Mexico Customization that may be helpful to other EPSCoR jurisdictions.

Through the use of the Drupal module "Percent Complete Profile" New Mexico was able to set up a "nag box" telling users to complete their profile.

Creating Additional Roles and Hiding ER Core tabs

This is a New Mexico Customization that may be helpful to other EPSCoR jurisdictions.

An additional role was added (be it guest, blogger, etc). The ER tabs on the user profile can be hidden via use of the code below

Add "Quick Add User" to Administrative Staff Role

ER Core only allows site administrators the ability to "Quick Add User" as there are security implications in bypassing the necessary fields required in the user profile. For those jurisdictions wishing to add "Quick Add User" to Administrative Staff Role there is a module available that will address/solve this need.

The Drupal module is called Role Delegation (