University of Hawaii

EPSCoR Jurisdiction Administrative Contact : 

Kevin Kelly

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1.) Finalize the agenda for the in-person meeting in Logan, UT on 7/22-7/24

2.) Proposal for continued funding

3.) Review RPPR (Research.gov) reporting requirements

4.) Structure & function of Dev Team going forward

5.) Other issues as needed



Project Update (Todd)

Dev team update

Updates from Implementing Jurisdictions

Future Governance


Discuss website readiness and rollout.

Distribute link to EPSCoRReporting.com to the PD/PA list in the next week with instructions on how to get a site rolled out in any jurisdiction.

Have documentation and manuals ready.

Discuss presentation of product at the Annual Meeting in Nashville.


The bulk of our time will be spent walking through the dev site, section by section. I added that we follow this meeting with an admin meeting sometime the following week.

If you have more to add, please let me know.


A brief description of the DRUPAL content management platform and how it uses 'modules' to do different functions (e.g. address book, calendar, etc.). Agreed that most of the time however, the modules don't do things exactly the way we'd like it to be done and some programming (PHP-based) is required to make the data systems relevant to our use.

Set milestones and timelines for work this summer.


1. Feedback from NSF (Kevin & Todd)
a. Access to ER-Core
b. Support for Workshop
c. NSF access to jurisdiction data

2. Status of er-core Website

3. Session at National Conference: What do we want to present?
a. er-core is now available to everyone
b. modifications underway for Research.gov issues
c. Workshop proposal
d. other items?

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