Webinar: ER Core Overview

What EPSCoR Jurisdictions need to use the ER Core Drupal module

ER Core Overview Webinar from EPSCoR Reporting Core on Vimeo.

Topics to cover:

  • Resources: What you need to use the Drupal ER Core Module
    • Hosting and Maintenance/Development are resources you need in order to use ER Core for reporting (see ER Core configuration worksheet)
    • Hosting Internal/External
      • Option 1, Internal: Do you have hosting options at your institution?
      • Option 2, External: EDAC at the University of New Mexico
      • Option 3, External: Bluehost, GoDaddy, Dreamhost
    • Maintenance and Development of the reporting site
    • You need a Website/Technical person or people to maintain the Drupal website and the ER Core module
    • Maintenance includes: Security updates to Drupal and updates to the ER Core Module
    • Troubleshooting issues/bugs with reporting data
    • Recommended resource: Riven Design
  • Post installation from the reporting perspective: Getting the system setup
    • What you need to gather and have prepared to enter into the system (See ER Core Reporting Planning Worksheet)
      • Institutions
      • People (Students, Faculty, Admin Staff)
      • Project components/areas of research
  • An overview of a standard ER Core site
    • Dashboard
    • User Profile