Add "Quick Add User" to Administrative Staff Role

ER Core only allows site administrators the ability to "Quick Add User" as there are security implications in bypassing the necessary fields required in the user profile. For those jurisdictions wishing to add "Quick Add User" to Administrative Staff Role there is a module available that will address/solve this need.

The Drupal module is called Role Delegation (

This module allows site administrators to grant some roles the authority to assign selected roles to users, without them needing the administer permissions permission.

For each role, Role Delegation provides a new assign ROLE role permission to allow the assignment of that role.

The module also adds an assign all roles permission. Enabling this permission for a role is a convenient way to allow the assignment of any other role without having to check all the assign ROLE role permissions in the Permissions page.

If an administrator has the administer users permission, a role assignment widget gets displayed in the account creation or editing form, and bulk add/remove role operations become available on the user administration page. Otherwise, if s/he has at least the access user profiles permission, the module adds its own Roles tab to the user profile so that roles can be assigned.